What is #WeDeserveBetter?

#WeDeserveBetter is a forum where you can tell your story about why you are disappointed in the Trump presidency. Whether it’s because the Trump tariffs have devastated your farming community, Trump’s promises for cheaper health care failed to materialize, or because Trump’s failure to prepare our nation for the covid19 pandemic cost lives, ruined our economy, and threw us into a recession, your personal story is the most powerful way we can share Trump’s failures with voters. Sharing authentic, personal stories about how Trump has broken his promises is how we will defeat Donald Trump in November.

How do I make an effective #WeDeserveBetter story? 

While some of your stories will be emotional because we are all experiencing hardship, a good #WeDeserveBetter story is simply honest, authentic, and clearly communicates why you are disappointed in Trump’s presidency. Here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts:


  • Take your time. 

  • Film horizontally.

  • Tell us about yourself. Do you consider yourself a Democrat? Republican? Independent? How have you voted in the past?

  • Focus on one challenge you or your family or community is facing, and how Trump and his presidency has made it worse.

  • If you did, talk about why you supported Trump in 2016, and how he has failed to meet those expectations. Why did you have this change of heart?

  • Film in a well-lit location, free from background noise (eg. television, barking dogs), and distracting backgrounds (posters or mirrors on the wall, other people in the room, etc.).

  • Speak from the heart.


  • Go over two minutes. The most effective stories are shorter than one minute.

  • Be a pundit; just be honest, personal, and yourself.

How do I record my #WeDeserveBetter story?

We recommend you use your smartphone camera to film yourself just like you would take a selfie. If that’s not possible, you can also set up your laptop to record, or have someone else in your household record you speaking. Once you’ve recorded and submitted your video, our team will approve it before it appears on this site. Please make sure your story is family-friendly.

How do I share my #WeDeserveBetter story:

Once you have recorded and submitted your story, you’ll be notified when your video has been approved. You’ll be given a link to share your story via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Make sure to use the hashtag #WeDeserveBetter.